The Tekriderâ  Line of Protective Snowmobile Apparell

An ongoing design projects is the Tekrider line of protective snowmobile apparel. I develop the look, make the products technically correct, and engineer the production techniques. This gear is hot and breaking new ground.

Tekvestâ  protective vests incorporate the highest level of upper-body protection currently available to snowmobile racers.

That's Jason getting crushed at the ESPN X-games in Colorado.

The Tekvestâ ...
Denis Durmas's photo by: Wayne Davis  


Since the Tekvestâ was launched hundreds of Sno X, XC and Hillclimb drivers across North America have come to rely on the superior protection and mobility that the Tekvestâ offers.

The vests are available in several models that meet the needs of both racers and recreational snowmobilers.
Trevor John's photo by: Bill Dahl  

3 Stage Protection

  1. Vinyl nitrile foam protective padding
  2. High-density polyethylene panels
  3. Rugged outer shell

  • Full shoulder, bicep and tricep protection
  • Vinyl graphics ready
  • Fully adjustable
Meets or exceeds ISR specifications

Chris Umphrey's photo by: Gord Avann  


Tekvest.....the choice of champions all across the US and Canada; Dennis Burks, Dennis Durmas, Brent Hermann, Greg Hyde, Trevor John, Jason Jones, Carl Schubitzke, Dave Stephenson, Kirk Williamson, Ric Wilson, Todd Wolff, and hundreds of others.

Dan Skallet's photo by: Pat Bourgeois  

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